Dartnell, 1989

Dartnell, 1992

When you see my hand-written caption, as above, it means that I wasn't able to get a copy of the printed cartoon from the publication. So what I'm posting is a duplicate of the cartoon, from my files.

Dartnell, July 10, 1989

Dartnell, December 31, 1990

Dartnell, October 16, 1989

Dartnell, 1990


What's with the white shoes here? Did Dartnell run out of color (when they added tints to my black/white cartoon)? Just wondering.

Dartnell, May 4, 1992

Dartnell, January 25, 1990

Dartnell, September 30, 1991

Dartnell, October 28, 1991


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