Rotarian, February 1990

Bought and Paid For, But Never Published. Rotarian, 2001


The editors at Rotarian Magazine routinely sent me a complimentary copy of any issue in which my cartoon appeared. This cartoon was bought and paid for in 2001, but I never saw it in print. The publication at that time was drastically cutting down on its cartoon usage and eventually dropped them completely -- so I guess this cartoon got lost in that format re-design.

Rotarian, February 2000

Rotarian, August 1997

Rotarian, February 1988

Rotarian, January 1993

Rotarian, March 1993

Rotarian, October 1992

Rotarian, March 1982


Caption: "Sorry, Fenster, but we've discovered that you were hired because of a computer error."

Rotarian, December 1989


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