Fortune Tellers

NASSP News Leader, 1990

(Note: This cartoon was purchased and published in 1990, so the year 1994 was appropriate for this kid.)

Community Press Service, 1997

Boardroom Lists, March 1986

One of the ECHO Award-winning ads that I mentioned before. These ads appeared in many Direct Mail-oriented publications. The gag was slanted strictly to the Direct Mail trade, and absolutely wouldn't make sense to anyone else. The caption was carefully worked over (until it was perfect) by Brian Kurtz, the editor of Boardroom Lists. I assume Brian also wrote the advertising copy.

American Tool, March/April 1998

Cortlandt, 1995

The Wall Street Journal, January 25, 1983


In 1992, nine years after this was published in The Wall Street Journal, I was surprised to see the gag appear in The New Yorker. It was drawn by a cartoonist I admire and respect, and the caption was "You will have a nice day." Great minds think alike, I guess.

National Review, October 12, 1998

The Wall Street Journal, June 25, 1984


Now let's see -- what were Biorhythms again? I'm not sure I even knew the answer to that in 1984 when I drew this cartoon and WSJ published it. But it must have been a popular passing-fad buzzword at the time.

Health Express, April 1982

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