Datamation, 1986

Datamation, April 15, 1984

Datamation, September 1983

Datamation, February 1, 1985

Datamation, December 1983

Datamation, December 1982

Datamation, June 1983

Datamation, August 1982

Datamation, March 1981

Datamation, March 1981

datam0381.JPGCAPTION: "Miss Farber, would you please tell me what this piece of paper is doing on my desk?"
This cartoon from Datamation is by far the most reprinted of my cartoons. It was first picked up by Business Week for an article they were doing on "The Paperless Office". After that, the reprint requests just came in thick and fast.

I used the name Farber as a silent tribute to radio talk personality Barry Farber, who I used to listen to a lot while I was cartooning.

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