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Dartnell, 1990

Explanation: this cartoon was purchased and published in 1990, when fax machines were not that common, and couldn't necessarily be found in every home and office.

Catholic News Service, July 2, 1990

Selling Power, 1994

Parts Pups, 1991

National Review, August 12, 1991

Better Homes and Gardens, April 1992

Bought and Paid For, But Never Published. National Review, 1988


I guess I have to include this cartoon in my "Bought and Paid For, But Never Published" category. As far as I know, it never saw the light of day by being printed in National Review after it was purchased. I have no idea why the editors changed their minds -- it seems like a pretty innocuous statement to me.

Brandweek, April 28, 2003

Boardroom Lists, August 1984

Boardroom Lists, November 1985

Another award-winning advertisement from Boardroom. It appeared in several different trade magazines, and was targeted to the direct mail industry.


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