Stock Market Magazine

Stock Market Magazine, April 1984

Stock Market Magazine, June 1982


Yet another example of our forgetful editors. This is the first time this cartoon appeared in Stock Market Magazine -- but it appeared again in the November/December 1983 issue.

Stock Market, September 1983


Another example of our forgetful editors?? Stock Market Magazine first printed this cartoon in December 1980. For it to show up again almost three years later can be attributed to a lot of reasons, none of which make any sense to me.

Stock Market, September/October 1986

Stock Market, October/November 1982

Stock Market, December 1982


My caption was "Grab any companies lately?". I guess in Stock Market Magazine's haste to get this cartoon into print (they didn't even bother to type-set the caption as they usually did), somebody decided to change "companies" to "company". That just doesn't sound right to me. Should be either "Grab a company lately?" or my original "Grab any companies lately?", but certainly not the way they botched it up.

Stock Market, June/July 1983

Stock Market, May/June 1986


CAPTION: "Your tax return demolished three microchips as it passed through our computer."

Stock Market, December 1981

Stock Market, February 1980


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