American Tool, January 2, 2002

Teaching K-8, August/September 2005

The Wall Street Journal, November 6, 2008

R & D, January 1994

Stock Market, May/June 1986


CAPTION: "Your tax return demolished three microchips as it passed through our computer."

The National Law Journal, October 13, 2008

Globe, January 2, 1990


My caption was "No wires or batteries? How in the world does it operate?" Some editor at Globe decided to revise it as above. I guess I'm prejudiced, but I think my caption was far superior.

This was 1990, by the way. These days, no wires or batteries would pose no problem.

I'd also like to point out that my drawing was altered to fit their allotted space. Note how the repositioned "COMPUTERS" sign juts right into the salesman's head!

Florida Bar Journal, February 2002

National Business Employment Weekly, September 14, 1996

The Wall Street Journal, June 13, 1996


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