News Front, October 1967

King Features "Laff-A-Day", July 26, 1967


What can I say here? The gag was as old as the hills, even in 1967, and the newsprint color registration was horrendous, but this is an archive of my cartoons and, what the heck, "we all have to start somewhere".

By the way, thirty years later I sold another version of this gag, with just four sales charts up on the wall. Which charts did I eliminate, and which did I change? You'll just have to wait and see.

American Legion, 1969

King Features "Laff-A-Day", September 8, 1967


In case you can't recognize it, that's a basketball the daughter is throwing down. This cartoon clip is from a 1967 newspaper and their color printing was badly out of register. I corrected it a little in Photoshop, but then gave it up as a lost cause.

News Front, 1967


OK, President Obama, what are you waiting for? Let's get people like this covered, so their medical charts won't have to go down so dramatically. (This was printed back in 1967, but I guess things haven't changed that much).

The Wall Street Journal, September 10, 1968


In my humble opinion, not too shabby for a gag and drawing that's almost 42 years old.

The Wall Street Journal, May 13, 1969


It seems to me now that, in my early cartoons for The Wall Street Journal and other financial publications, I was having a lot of fun with women's ignorance of the technicalities of the stock market and of money matters in general. That's not very true these days, and it's certainly not very p.c. -- I doubt if I could get away with a silly gag like this today.

News Front, November 1967

Red Cross Journal, February 1969

The Wall Street Journal, November 7, 1969


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