King Features "Laff-A-Day"

King Features "Laff-A-Day", May 10, 1988

King Features "Laff-A-Day", September 20, 1978

King Features "Laff-A-Day", July 25, 1978

King Features "Laff-A Day", 1998

King Features "Laff-A-Day", August 31, 1987

King Features "Laff-A-Day", December 19, 1985

King Features "Laff-A-Day", July 26, 1967


What can I say here? The gag was as old as the hills, even in 1967, and the newsprint color registration was horrendous, but this is an archive of my cartoons and, what the heck, "we all have to start somewhere".

By the way, thirty years later I sold another version of this gag, with just four sales charts up on the wall. Which charts did I eliminate, and which did I change? You'll just have to wait and see.

King Features "Laff-A-Day", September 8, 1967


In case you can't recognize it, that's a basketball the daughter is throwing down. This cartoon clip is from a 1967 newspaper and their color printing was badly out of register. I corrected it a little in Photoshop, but then gave it up as a lost cause.

King Features "Laff-A-Day", September 27, 1982


Yes, every humor book published back in 1982 had something to do with cats -- or so it seemed to me, anyway.

King Features "Laff-A-Day", July 10, 1982


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