Restaurants & Bars

National Catholic News Service, June 17, 1985

Florida Bar News, 1995

Nutrition Health Review, 1995

Bureau of Business Practice, 1996

Nutrition Health Review, 1998

Florida Bar News, October 15, 1999


Hmmm . . I just noticed that the publication messed up my caption -- "client" should have an apostrophe "s". It should be "major client's lunch".

Law Practice Management, March 1993

National Business Employment Weekly, February 21, 1988

Florida Bar Journal, July/August 1995


A gag slanted obviously for my "legal" publications, and picked up by the Florida Bar Journal.

National Review (West), May 20, 1996


Don't you just love it when, at Olympics time, everything is touted as being "The Official (product category) of the (year) Olympic games"?

For some reason this was published only in the Western edition of National Review, and not in the full edition, as far as I know.


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