Business -- IRS

The Wall Street Journal. August 4, 1958

Medical Economics, March 5, 1984

Stock Market, February 1982


CAPTION: "And the beauty of it is, it's all tax-free!"

Medical Economics, April 7, 2006

Barron's, July 28, 1997

National Review, April 4, 1994

natrev040494.JPG Shortly after this cartoon appeared, I received a phone call from Michele Meny, on the staff of the Rush Limbaugh TV show (yes, Rush had a TV program in those days, in addition to his radio program). She said that Rush wanted to show the cartoon on the show, crediting both me and National Review. I don't agree with 99% of Rush Limbaugh's views or opinions, but since I HAD used his name, I didn't think I could refuse such a reasonable request. I simply asked to be informed when the cartoon would be shown and Ms. Meny got back to me with that information. The cartoon appeared onscreen for less than a minute, during a "break in the action", and as far as I know, Rush never commented on it.


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