The Wall Street Journal, January 6, 1987


Kiwis were just starting to be imported around this time, and a salad wasn't a salad unless it was garnished with a few slices of that exotic fruit. But not everybody liked kiwi.

Rough Notes, September 1986

The Wall Street Journal, January 14, 1958

National Business Employment Weekly, October 12, 1986

King Features "Laff-A-Day", February 26, 1982

Advertising Age, January 24, 1983


For those of you who are scratching your heads and asking, what's funny about this: well, the cartoon was printed in 1983 and 1998 was a very, very distant time in the future.

The Wall Street Journal, January 19, 1983

King Features "Laff-A-Day, September 27, 1979

Chess Life, December 1986

Nutrition Health Review, Fall 1986


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