Dartnell, 1993


Mr. Hyde will see you now..., but you better hurry!

"I just hope you're packing heat!"

"His last appointment made it to the elevator with only
a flesh wound!"

"I think he escaped from the Trump Administration, he never gives you a straight answer, and he lies like a rug!"

"Well, he's one of those miserable corporate phonies, who wants you to believe he's 'here for you', and supports employee rights, you'll see, when he smiles and his lips curl-up over those greenish-brown teeth and he says, 'my door is always half-way open to you!"

"Try, graveling, begging, sniveling, and weeping, he likes sniveling the best though!

I appreciate these six captions, Tim, but I now have to repeat what I've said so many times before -- this is not the Caption Contest! You will recognize the Contest posting when you see the heading "Eli's Cartoon Caption Contest No. " etc. 

This posting is simply an addition to my ongoing archive of published cartoons.The next Contest will probably start next week. Please don't waste your efforts.


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