Winner of Eli's Cartoon Caption Contest No. 166

                            "Don't sit on my bed, I've just made it."

                                          (by Ken Wilkinson)


My original caption: "Need a surprise witness?"


Congratulations, Ken Wilkinson, on this, your fourth win. It was long overdue -- your last victory was back in February 2018. Now, once again, you can proudly proclaim to the world that you are one of the funniest people around.

Here are the other entries that I was seriously considering for top honors:

" . . . and when she said get that bum out of my courtroom, I thought your strategy was brilliant!"  (by Brendan Gannon)

"Are you working virtually, too?" (by John Platt)

"Let's settle this out of court." (by Sagie)

"Excuse me sir, but you are sitting on my bed." (by Diane)

"I pay more taxes than you." (by Marc Eliot Stein)

"I'm just re-imagining myself as an Esquire." (by John Huckstep)

"I got into Harvard Law but I also got into San Quentin." (by Michael Lomazow)


Keep up the good work, Captioneers. There'll be a new contest in just a few short weeks.




"Liked Mr. Vaughn's covid caption!"

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