Winner of Eli's Cartoon Caption Contest No. 56

                                                 NO WINNER!

My original caption: "When I want your opinion, Buster, I'll ask for it! What's your opinion?"


That's right, there's actually no winner that I could pick out from the submitted batch of captions. So now I guess you all know what it feels like to be rejected (a feeling I've had to endure so many, many times over the years).

Not only couldn't I single out a winning caption, but I couldn't even understand some of them. For instance, I'd certainly appreciate it if John Platt (or anybody else) could please let me know what the reference is to the "wife" and the "baseball bat" in his caption. I'm completely baffled by it, but that's probably because I haven't been hanging out enough in bars.

I acknowledge that my original caption is no great masterpiece either, but my excuse is that I was very young and immature when I wrote it.

Now please don't get depressed by this rejection. There will be many more opportunities to showcase your humor in future contests -- the next one will be coming up before you know it.


Ah, I think I thought the big guy was a jealous husband and the guy in the middle slept with his wife...or something like that. I made it all up in my head!

Thanks, John -- now at least it makes a little sense!

I like it that you didn't pick a winner -- enjoyed hearing you vent about the quality of the captions! The New Yorker should try this.

And, just for what it's worth, I don't really get your caption either. But it is a nice drawing.

Well, let's see if I can explain my caption. The guy speaking says the first sentence almost automatically, like a knee-jerk reaction. Then, when he turns around and sees the size of the other guy, he says the second sentence. Okay?

Okay, that does make sense. I guess it would have to be a live-action cartoon to really work.

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