Winner of Eli's Cartoon Caption Contest No. 55

                      "Would you like to enter a plea of insanity?"

                                         (by Dale Stout)


My original caption: "Well, I'm not sure if the painting deserves to be hung . . . "

Okay, that makes two wins in a row for Dale Stout. Congratulations and three cheers, Dale -- once again you've proved to be one of the funniest people around!

I think my original caption is kind of childish. That isn't surprising, since I wasn't much more than a child when I did the cartoon (it was some time in the middle of the last century, though I can't pinpoint the year exactly).

Among the other captions that were being considered for First Prize, these two stood out:

"Guilty!" (by John Platt)

"I suggest you just stick to paint-by-number kits." (by Anonymous -- though I suspect it's really Cary Antebi, up to his old trick of not including his name on his submission)

Thanks for your humor, everyone -- Contest No. 56 will be up before you know it.

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