Eli's Cartoon Caption Contest No. 23

Cartoon Caption Contest No. 23 starts right now.

Briefly, here are the details: I'll supply a drawing of one of my old cartoons that has never been published, leaving off my caption. You are invited to supply your funniest captions. Simply (1) click on 'COMMENTS' underneath the current drawing. Then (2) scroll down past all the other comments and type in your name and your caption in the spaces provided. Then (3) enter the anti-spam security word that assures me that you're a human being and not a machine, and (4) click 'Submit'. There is no limit on the number of captions you can submit for each drawing.

Entries will be accepted and posted for one week, after which a winner will be announced and the winning caption will be printed. Below that I will also print my original caption. The cut-off time and date for you to submit your captions for this contest is midnight, Tuesday, June 14, 2011.

I will be the sole judge. The winning caption will be the one I judge to be the funniest one submitted (not necessarily the one that matches or comes closest to my original caption).

Additional rules and regulations, for those of you who need such things, can be found here.

Here's the drawing for this contest — hope you all have a devil of a time thinking up funny captions.



No refunds, no exchanges.

Yes we do have soul food down here.

For the last time, you may not consult with your attorney!

"Finally! The man behind New Coke."

"No, we don't have rooms with a view, mints on our pillows, or complimentary bottles of water, but yes, we do have the best steam room in the hospitality industry."

"Will you be staying for the weekend or eternal damnation?"

"There's no mistake...we purposely install our smoke detector's with weak batteries so the beeping will drive you crazy."

"No shirt, no shoes, no service."

"You didn't see the light."

"You rocked the boat and didn't sit down.

What do you mean, 'too cold'?

"You were promised seven what........????????HAH HAH HO HO HEE HEE HAW HA HA!!!!!!!!

No, I don't care about your devil-may-care attitude!

I'm sorry Mr. Madoff but where exactly did you think you would end up?

You can complain all you want, the tall guy with the turban and the beard is your new roommate, forever.

C'mon, you can't complain about being moved to the Bin Laden wing, it's practically brand new!

No, you cannot be moved to a higher floor.

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