Winner of Eli's Cartoon Caption Contest No. 4

Judging by the few responses, I guess this was another difficult drawing for you caption writers. A few people actually told me that they stared long and thoughtfully at the drawing and came up absolutely blank. That surprises me, since there were so many "props' in the drawing to work on.

Anyway, even though there were so few entries, I'm going to cop out again and declare two first place winners. Here they are:


1) "I don't mind the in-box, but I hate it when he asks me to take a letter."

2) "It started with a three martini lunch, but he's a classic overachiever."

My original caption: "He comes in every morning at nine sharp, sets those things down and leaves exactly at five."

So congrats to John Platt (1) and Richie (2) -- you're two of the funniest guys around.

Actually, all three of John Platt's captions brought smiles to my face. I also appreciated D. Mancino's attempt to inject the legal Bar into the caption -- it almost worked. And I liked Andrew's reference to "the happy hour rate", and Gary's reference to "beeping laptops and noisy cell phones".

Nice thinking from all of you who participated -- sorry you couldn't all be winners.

I'll be sure to select a simpler, more general drawing for the next contest.


Glad to have brought a smile to your face, because you've brought so many to mine!

Yes - those were definItely good winners.

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