Self-portraits of 52 cartoonists (from 1985)

In 1985, the Cartoonists Association sponsored an exhibition of original cartoon art at the Master Eagle Gallery in Manhattan. For a poster announcing the show, the participating cartoonists drew self-portraits.

I thought you'd like to see them. There are lots of "big" names here and many are still actively cartooning, especially with The New Yorker. And, sadly, there are quite a few who are no longer cartooning or who have passed away.

Here they are. I've typed in the names of the cartoonists below each set of self-portraits, in case you can't decipher them. For some unfathomable reason P.C. Vey appears twice, with different drawings. There are two self-portraits that I can't identify. They are either Felipe Galindo, Jared Lee or Skip Morrow. If anyone can help me out here, I'd appreciate it.



Al Ross, Lou Myers, Catherine O'Neill, Lawrence Trepel, John Jonik, Tom Cheney


Joe Farris, Henry Martin, Bob Mankoff, David Pascal, Ed Franscino, Boris Drucker


Sam Gross, Artemas Cole, Liza Donnelly, Peter Steiner, Mort Gerberg, David Sipress, P.C. Vey, Richard Orlin, Dana Fradon


Eli Bauer, Bill Hoest, ???? ?????? (it's Skip Morrow -- see comments), Charles Sauers, Tim Haggerty, David Jacobson, Mike Twohy, Bill Lee, Roz Chast


Leo Cullum, Aaron Bacall, ???? ????? (It's Felipe Galindo -- see his comment), Sidney Harris, Bud Grace


Jack Ziegler, Ed Arno, Michael Crawford, John Norment, Warren Miller, Barney Tobey


Mick Stevens, Howard Margulies, Lee Lorenz, Richard Cline, Bernard Schoenbaum, Arnie Levin


Stuart Leeds, P.C.Vey (again), Lo Linkert, W.B. Park, M.G. Lord


What about your self-portrait? We'd like to see it.

Wow. I barely remember drawing that. Interesting that most of the artists drew themselves facing screen-left.

Hmmm. You're right about that. It's too much of a coincidence -- one of the parameters must have been to draw them that way. That would also explain Mick Stevens' self-portrait, which has the words "LEFT" and "RIGHT" incorporated into it. Thanks for your input, Howard -- I appreciate it. You don't happen to know the identities of either of the two "mystery" cartoonists, do you? And my final comment to you: get back to cartooning already! Eli

Hi Eli,
Greetings from Felipe Galindo. One of the mysterious self-portraits is mine. I use the pen name Feggo (it comes from Felipe Galindo Gomez). The other one is Skip Morrow. The idea was to portray ourselves facing to the left. The Cartoonists Association secretary at that time, Ruth Rogin, asked everybody later for the originals as a memento, and we all agreed. She was a really nice lady. I haven't heard from her in a long time. And as you mention, sadly some of them are no longer around. There was another exhibition the previous year and featured an image by Arnie Levin. Best regards,

Many thanks, Felipe -- mystery solved! I'm going to amend my posting to include your name and Skip Morrow's name. Eli

Thoroughly enjoyed your cartoons! Keep up the great work. Carmine

hi im eli and I'm eli's grandson i never got to meet him :( and my grandma norma and my two cousins chris and jp i wish i could meet him

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