December 2009

King Features "Laff-A-Day", September 8, 1967


In case you can't recognize it, that's a basketball the daughter is throwing down. This cartoon clip is from a 1967 newspaper and their color printing was badly out of register. I corrected it a little in Photoshop, but then gave it up as a lost cause.

Sun Magazine, December 28, 2009


Another cartoon published with my signature cropped off.

Sun, the weekly tabloid which printed this cartoon this week, is famous (or should I say infamous) for merciless cropping of their cartoons. In fact, of the four cartoons published in this issue, there was not a single cartoonist's signature to be seen. I recognized one of them to be in the distinctive, inimitable style of good ol' Bob Vojtko, who hails from Strongsville, Ohio. But, sadly, I couldn't identify either of the other two cartoonists.

News Front, 1967


OK, President Obama, what are you waiting for? Let's get people like this covered, so their medical charts won't have to go down so dramatically. (This was printed back in 1967, but I guess things haven't changed that much).

More about New Yorker cartoonist Al Ross

Here's a photo of legendary cartoonist Al Ross taken in September 2009, when he was 97 years old. He celebrated his 98th birthday on October 19th. That's him on the right. The photo was taken by his son, Arlen, who also informed me (in a comment, below) that the man with his arms around Al Ross is Arlen's ex-father-in law.


My thanks to Dave Colombo, a collector of cartoon and comic art, for letting me know about this photo. It was posted by Arlen Ross on his blog, and you can read more about both father and son, and their musical connection, right here.

Dave Colombo also told me that he recently acquired this original strip drawn by Al Ross, probably from the 1940's or 1950's.


It was of particular interest to me because I didn't realize that Al Ross ever tackled a comic strip -- I thought of him only as a single-panel gag cartoonist.

Dave says he would love to find out if the strip was ever published, and where. Dave Colombo's site, where he shares this strip and other comic art acquisitions, is

So a belated Happy 98th Birthday to you, Al Ross!

Selling Power, September 1992


This was drawn and published at a time when TV writers were obsessed with the plot device of killing off a character and then having him or her return as a newly-discovered identical twin.

Hmm . . . I guess the writers are still doing that.

R & D, June 1993


"Kravitz" was the last name of a good friend and work associate of mine. He is now deceased, but at the time he was actually the head chemist in the firm. I know he enjoyed seeing his name in print, but I now wonder if his enjoyment wasn't tinged with a little anxiety over the "you're fired" bit.

Florida Bar News, February 1, 1999


Another one of my personal favorite gags. Lucky for me that the title of Emile Zola's famous treatise ("J'accuse") happened to be seven letters long, just the same as the number of digits in a telephone number.