November 2009

Florida Bar News, December 1, 1998


(As I keep reminding you, "billings" are very important to attorneys.)

The Wall Street Journal, December 18, 1997 and December 22, 1998


Yes, that's absolutely correct, The Wall Street Journal printed this cartoon on December 18, 1997 and apparently liked it so much that they printed the exact same cartoon again a year later, on December 22, 1998. As one of my sons asked me in '98, "Did you get paid for it again?" I'm almost certain that the answer was no. So it looks like you owe me one, WSJ.

Actually, over the years, this type of thing happened to me on several occasions with other publications (but only this one time with The Wall Street Journal). Whenever it occured, I always chalked it up to either incredibly poor record-keeping or innocent human error. I can't imagine that any publication would deliberately want to repeat a cartoon that it had printed before.

Well, "to err is human, to forgive, divine". So all is forgiven, WSJ.

The Wall Street Journal, November 10, 1983


This cartoon was also used on the cover and on the front page of a Wall Street Journal "Week-At-A-Glance" appointment book/calendar in 1987. Edited by Charles Preston, of course.

Milestone: 1,000th Published Cartoon Posted

By my rough calculation, I either have recently posted or very soon will be posting to this archive my 1,000th published cartoon. As the political pollsters like to say, this statistical data has an accuracy rating of plus or minus three percent.

On to the next thousand! And what better way to celebrate than by posting a "World Series" cartoon that The Wall Street Journal just printed a few days ago. And if it should happen to snow in New York City tomorrow, when the sixth game of the Series is scheduled to be played, so much the better.

Go Phillies! (As an old Brooklyn Dodger fan, no way am I pulling for the Yankees).