July 2009

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Management Accounting, September 1993


Yes, this was a time when unsolicited takeover offers were coming across the door just like this . . . well, figuratively anyway, but not literally.

Medical Economics, July 11, 2003


I've always liked this gag -- I guess you could call it another of my personal favorites. As always, I was sorry to see it rejected by The New Yorker and The Wall Street Journal, but was happy to see it land in Medical Economics.

The Chronicle of Higher Education, December 1, 1993


Once again, a gag that I slanted for a particular market -- in this case, for a publication whose readership is primarily university and college oriented.

The Wall Street Journal, August 17, 1993


Product bar codes were fairly new at this time. I think I may have had a caption, which was simply "Uh, oh." The cartoon appeared without any caption. The point of the gag was to reflect everybody's concerns about where bar codes would go in the future.

Florida Bar News, February 15, 1999


As I've said before, making partner is very important to attorneys in a law firm.