March 2009

Time Out

I'll be vacationing and away from computers for a while, so I may not be posting anything during that time.

Or, (Plan B), I may be posting cartoons as usual, if I can somehow arrange to do so.

Either way, see you soon.

More "Rat Race" Panels by Tippit, and One by Bob Barnes about Wednesday "Look Day"

Here are some more Jack Tippit panels, from the late 1950's, about the cartoon rat race. These originally appeared in a monthly newsletter put out by Look Magazine Cartoon Editor Gurney Williams, and distributed only to the local cartoonists who visited his office on Wednesday, the official "Look Day".

I have posted frequently about all of this in Eli's Corner, and the most recent posting is right here. My very first posting on Gurney Williams and his newsletter, for those of you who like to start at the beginning, is here. tippit 9.jpgtippit 13.jpgtippit 5.jpgtippit 12.jpgtippit 3.jpg Speaking of "Look Day" Here's another take on it by cartoonist Bob Barnes: bbarneslookday.jpg This panel appeared in a 1950's Saturday Evening Post article -- the same article which featured a photo of all the cartoonists, in suits and ties, in the Post waiting room (these days, at the New Yorker showdown on Tuesdays, it's strictly casual dress, including Bob Mankoff, the Cartoon Editor).

You can see that Saturday Evening Post photo, and my story about it, right here.

Dartnell, 1990


What's with the white shoes here? Did Dartnell run out of color (when they added tints to my black/white cartoon)? Just wondering.