July 2008

The Review of the News, July 13, 1983


Yep, I've always liked this gag. Still do, I have to confess.

Report to Legal Management, March 1993

report0393.jpg Okay, so here's my beef with some (certainly not all) publications: they change my captions, without asking permission! My caption for this cartoon was "I'm a management guru -- the regular guru is two mountains over." I wish I knew which editor decided to change "a management" to "the quality" -- I would have loved to tell him or her that the change ruined a perfectly acceptable gag.

I'm happy to report that most publications wouldn't dream of changing the wording of a caption without asking permission. I've even been contacted by phone by editors who wanted to make a change, but wouldn't do it without asking first.

More "How Not to Get an Okay" cartoons by Stan Fine

It's been a while since I posted material from "Look" cartoon editor Gurney Williams' newsletter. Here are some more of Stan Fine's wonderful panels on "How Not to Get an Okay". These date from the late 1950's. Note that Stan Fine sometimes re-used his drawings and just changed the captions (can't say I blame him -- he wasn't getting paid for these).

For background info on this series of cartoons and on Gurney Williams' "Memos" newsletter, you can go to my previous postings in "Eli's Corner" here, here, here and even here.

How Not To 29.jpg

How Not To 4.jpg

How Not To 5.jpg

How Not to 18.jpg

How Not to 26.jpg

The Wall Street Journal, January 25, 1983


In 1992, nine years after this was published in The Wall Street Journal, I was surprised to see the gag appear in The New Yorker. It was drawn by a cartoonist I admire and respect, and the caption was "You will have a nice day." Great minds think alike, I guess.