February 2008

National Review, March 16, 1992

natrev031692.jpg This cartoon is from the National Review. I was truly shocked two days ago to learn about the death of William Buckley, Jr., NR's founder and linchpin.

Mr. Buckley's sister, Priscilla, an editor at NR, handled the cartoons there for many years, until her retirement in 1991.

No, I didn't agree with most of Mr. Buckley's views, but he certainly made life exciting and entertaining. As The New York Times said in its obit yesterday, "He was often described as liberals' favorite conservative". Amen. And, surely, this will be the first and last occasion that the Times will use the phrase "sesquipedalian spark of the right" in a headline on its front page (look up the word in your big dictionary, as I did).

I always liked to imagine that my cartoons made Mr. Buckley laugh. Oh, and I also enjoyed reading his sailing yarns immensely. Rest in peace, Mr. Buckley.

National Business Employment Weekly, March 3, 1991


Hmmm -- middle-aged Texan -- in 1991? Sounds eerily like George W. Bush, doesn't it? Nah -- not with that bald head.

Florida Bar News, April 30, 2000


I guess this gag really doesn't make too much sense, so maybe that's why all the major publications rejected it back then. I still like it, though, and there certainly have been plenty of "good cop, bad cop" gags published over the years -- it's still a hot topic for cartoonists.

Catholic Forester, January/February 1992


Lucky for me that the word "GRANDPA" happened to contain seven letters -- otherwise I would have had to dream up an alternate, and probably less effective, word.

Bureau of Business Practice, April 7, 2000


Of course, this drawing and gag wouldn't be complete unless I had the guy wearing a watch -- so I did just that.