November 2007

Computerworld, 1981


Yes, that IS an old IBM computer punch card she's holding.

The Wall Street Journal, June 9, 1960


By way of explanation, in 1960 blue-chip AT&T was considered one of the safest investment choices for all the "little old ladies" who wanted to dabble in the stock market.

Nutrition Health Review, Fall 1991

nutrfall91.JPG This is another one of my personal favorites. Try as I might over the years, I couldn't convince any of my "major" markets to buy any version of this cartoon, and it finally ended up in Nutrition Health Review in 1991 (I guess NHR figured that the psychiatrist setting made it health-related).

I still feel very sorry that it didn't get snapped up by The Wall Street Journal or National Review or some similar publication. The caption is still relevant, and could be used today without alteration.