October 2007

Three Fines, two Tippits and a VIP

Here are some more panels that appeared in "Memos from Gurney Williams". Mr Williams was, among other things, Cartoon Editor of LOOK magazine in the 1950's, and he published a monthly "Memos" to be picked up and read by the cartoonists who visited him on Wednesday, which was Cartoon "Look Day". For more details, see my previous postings on the subject in "Eli's Corner".

Anyway, here are three more "How Not to Get an Okay" panels by Stan Fine, two panels of "The Rat Race" by Jack Tippit and last, but certainly not least, a VIP (Virgil Partch). These all involved cartoonists commenting on this crazy business of magazine gag cartooning. More to come in future postings. How Not To 23.JPGHow Not To 8.JPGHow Not to 22.JPGtippit no- 6.JPGtippit no-2.JPGvirgilpartch.JPG

Training, May 1990


Five years later, in 1995, I re-drew this gag, changed the caption from "fax" to "email", and sold it to The Wall Street Journal. I'm fairly certain that WSJ rejected this version. Go figure.

I guess it pays to keep up with messaging technology -- I fully expect to see a similar cartoon in the future with the words "text message" substituted in the caption, but I won't be doing it.