Winner of Eli’s Cartoon Caption Contest No. 208

“Sorry, but I am dedicating this book to my mother.”

(by Silvana Lagrotteria)


My original caption: “Who did you think makes up all those lawyer jokes?”


Congratulations, Silvana Lagrotteria, on this, your first victory. You have now earned that auspicious title, One Of The Funniest People Around, and can legitimately bask in the glory that it confers.

Here are the other captions that I was seriously considering for top honors:

“There’s nothing here that entitles you to the bottom bunk.” (by Harvey Appelbaum)

“It’s titled ‘From Excel to Cell: When  an Accountant Goes Bad’.” (by Kelly)

“Pout all you want, but you will only be a footnote.” (by Scott Malcolm)

“From your suggestions, I assume you are in for plagiarism.” (also by Silvana Lagrotteria)

“And that completes my autobiography: ‘My Life Doing Life’.” (by Pat Foley)


Contest No. 209 will be posted in due course, so be on the lookout for it right here. Thanks for participating, Captioneers!


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