Community Press Service, 1992


  1. This is a great cartoon. It’s harder to caption than one would think at first glance.

    This is about the best I can think of as an alternate caption:

    “You got this recipe from our new neighbors? What did you do to them?”

  2. Thanks, Lee. Good caption, but I hope you realize that this is not part of the Caption Contest. I’ll also take this opportunity to remind you that only the first 15 captions you enter in any contest will be posted (see my rules).

  3. Thank you. I knew that this cartoon was not part of the caption contest. I just thought it was posted and open for comment and discussion.

  4. Hello Eli,

    Given the changes in the world and within yourself since the original creation of the cartoon, what caption would you create for the cartoon today?

  5. I have no snappy answer for you, Scott — the possibilities are endless. But I know that if I wanted to update this old caption, I would certainly change the words “food processor”. In 1992, when this cartoon was published, no respectable kitchen in America was complete without a Cuisinart food processor. Today, a majority of people reading that caption would probably think “what the heck is a food processor?”. I don’t know what kitchen appliance would be a good substitute, by the way, so the wording of the caption would probably have to be changed also. Well, nobody ever said that gagwriting and caption writing is easy.

  6. The air fryer would probably work good now and for several years, but in 20 more years it would need to be replaced with another more familiar cooking gadget.

  7. Thanks for the suggestion, Lee. It’s okay, but still doesn’t work for me.

    While we’re on the subject of gag and caption writing, have any of you Captioneers looked at my posting from August 28, 2006, titled “The Eli Stein School of Gagwriting”? You can access it by going to the “Departments” section of my sidebar and choosing “Eli’s Corner”. When that appears, scroll to the bottom of the page and choose Page 7. On page 7, scroll down to the chronological posting of August 28, 2006 (yes, I’ve been doing this blog/archive for over 17 years).

    Please note that, even though the 2006 posting was mostly tongue-in-cheek, I followed my own advice on this cartoon by wording the caption in the form of a question rather than in the form of a declarative statement.

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