Winner of Eli’s Cartoon Caption Contest No. 206

“I guess ‘B’ wasn’t the answer to every question.”

(by Rich Wolf)


My original caption: “Personally, I thought that my quiz answers were well within the community standards.”


Congrats, Rich Wolf, on this, your latest victory. It’s your seventeenth win in a string that goes back more than six years, to your first win in Contest No. 124 in 2017. Can there be any doubt that you are truly one of the funniest people around?

Here are the other captions that were being considered seriously for top honors:

“I don’t know why the teacher failed me. I answered each question with ‘I cannot answer because it may incriminate me’.” (by Diane)

“I’ll never be accused of being a nerd.” (by Pat Foley)

“I didn’t know you could get fired from grade school.” (by Mark S.)

“Why learn the ABC’s? We already know MTV, FOX, PBS, NBC, CBS and CTN. ” (by Lee Lacewell)

“Ms. Landers is giving us this article on ‘The Benefits of Home Schooling’ to take home to our parents.” (also by Lee Lacewell)

“Do you think if I turned it upside-down, my parents would believe I got a 96?” (by Jonathan Stein).  [Sorry, Jonathan, but 69 turned upside-down is still 69. Nice try, though. Did anybody else catch this?]

“She gave me an ‘F’ on the note I passed in class.” (by Scott Malcolm)

“She accused me of cheating. We’re not even married.” (also by Scott Malcolm)

“Innit okay to use ain’t?” (by Kelly)  [It’s okay by me, Kelly . . . innit okay by you?]

Fear not, Captioneers, Contest No. 207 will be posted in due time. Keep a sharp lookout for it, and thanks for continuing to give it the old college try!


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