Winner of Eli’s Cartoon Caption Contest No. 205

“I guess we’re both sleeping in the dog house tonight.”

(by Jonathan Stein)


My original caption: “Don’t tell me — let me guess — your mother’s here.”


Congratulations, Jonathan Stein, on this, your fourth victory. And it’s been a long time coming — your last win was ages ago, in Contest No. 150. You’re definitely one of the funniest people around and you’ve earned the right to declare it from the rooftops (even if it’s only from doghouse rooftops).

Here are the other captions that were under serious consideration for top honors:

“I’m taking the mutt for a walk in ten minutes. You’ll probably need your coat.” (by Michael Lomazow)

“I’m leaving you so he can have the doghouse all to himself.” (by Ken Wilkinson)

“Looks like we both have to go.” (by Rich Wolf)

“I know you like sniffing around, but now you have our dog doing it.” (by Diane)

“His name is Liberace. The pet shop owner said ‘of all the dogs they’ve sold over the last ten years he’s the pee-n-ist’.” ( by Lee Lacewell)

“Just remember, Buddy, you’re my best friend. She’s just my wife.” (by Scott Malcolm)


Contest No. 206 will be coming up before you know it, Captioneers, so be on the lookout for it. Keep those funny captions coming, and thanks for participating!

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