Eli’s Cartoon Caption Contest No. 202

Contest No. 202 starts right now.

Here are the details: I’ll supply a drawing of one of my old cartoons that has never been published, leaving off my caption. You are invited to supply your funniest captions. To enter your caption, simply (1) click on “See Comments and Add Your Own”. Then (2) scroll down past any other submitted captions and type in your name and your caption in the spaces provided. Then (3) click “Save”. There is no charge to submit captions, and the only prize is the honor of being one of the funniest people around.

Your caption (or captions) will be posted after I review your submission. However, no captions at all will be posted for the first few days of each contest. This is to give everybody a chance to submit their spontaneous, gut-instinct caption without fear of discovering that it was ripped off by somebody else’s similar spontaneous, gut-instinct caption. This is an equal opportunity contest!

There is no limit on the number of captions you may enter for each drawing, but I will only post and consider the first 15 captions from any contestant. Entries will be accepted and posted for one week, after which a winner will be announced and the winning caption will be printed. Below that I will also reveal my original caption. I am the sole judge and the winning caption will be the one I deem to be the funniest one submitted (not necessarily the one that matches or comes closest to my original caption).

The cut-off time and date for you to send in your captions is midnight Wednesday, August 2, 2023.

Below is the drawing that needs your funny captions. Good luck, Captioneers!


  1. “It is iced tea . . . alcohol makes me fly too high and I am not ready to meet Him yet!!!!”

  2. “The cheapskate that’s putting on this party, must have watered
    down the drinks . . . eh, Mr. uh . . . where’s your tag – oh, uh,
    Mr. CEO, is it?”

  3. “Line of work?” you say . . . work you see, would be unthinkable
    for someone with my privileged upbringing.”

  4. “After hours, simply think of me as a guy with more hair, more money, and a new trophy wife.”

  5. You’ve always thought too horizontally, that’s the problem. If you think vertically, your hair will follow.

  6. “So you’ve worked for my company eighteen years? … Andy? …, Bill? …, Calvin? …, Dave? …, Eddie? …, Fred? …, George? …, … HERB?

  7. “I know the selection of a new company vice-president has been difficult for you. You examined all the canidates and then made a fair, impartial decision, based on the most qualified canidate for the job. I just want to thank you again, Dad, for choosing me.”

  8. “I overheard your comment to that gentleman, saying you
    had me pegged as a ‘B S’ man . . . how did you know that
    I had acquired my Bachelor of Science?”

  9. “Have you recently attended or otherwise witnessed any interesting organized major sporting events or competitions?”

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