Winner of Eli’s Cartoon Caption Contest No. 187

I don’t know what jesters get paid, I just know I want one.”

(by Rich Wolf)


My original caption: “The ‘K’ stands for ‘King’.”


Hearty congratulations, Rich Wolf, on this, your tenth victory. Can there be any doubt that you are one of the funniest people around?

Here are the other submitted captions that I was seriously considering for top honors:

“Sales are down! Someone has to fall on the sword for this.” (by Pat Foley)

“Heads will roll if production doesn’t improve.” (also by Pat Foley)

“Hi. It’s Charles. Is it my turn yet?” (by Vinny)

“No . . . having the unusual first name ‘King’, hasn’t affected me one way or another!” (by Kay Ralph)

“I won the checkers tournament and I decided to King myself.” (also by Pat Foley)

“Let me check that with my serf, I mean, assistant.” (by Mark)


Sorry for the delay in judging the winner of this Contest. My computer was down for a few days.

Thanks to all you Captioneers for participating with your funny submissions. Barring any future delays, Contest No. 188 should start right on schedule, so please keep looking out for it.



  1. Thought the -‘Charles – is it my turn yet’, was super funny, BUT,
    noticed that it didn’t coincide with the name plate on the desk – K. Stephan!

  2. Hmmmm. Yes, your point is well taken, Kay. But it’s moot, anyway, since I didn’t pick that caption as the winner.

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