Day: September 30, 2021

Winner of Eli’s Cartoon Caption Contest No. 178

“You got that ‘I hope he signs it without looking’ look, again.”

(by Pat Foley)


My original caption: “I know that honesty is the best policy, but I could really use some wiggle room here.”


Congratulations, Pat Foley! This has been an outstanding week for you — not only did you gain this big first-time victory here, but I see that you also won Bob Mankoff’s latest online Cartoon Caption Contest, dated September 29, 2021. Way to go, Pat — you are doubly one of the funniest people around!


Here are the other captions that I was seriously considering for top honor:

“Taxes? But I haven’t paid those in years!” (by Jonathan Stein)

“I’m cracking myself up writing your performance review.” (by Michael Lomazow)

“Out with the old, in with the new . . . son, how could you?” (by Kay Ralph)

“So many redactions. Is there something I should know?” (also by Pat Foley)

“Think of it as a bi-lateral promotion transfer, Smedly! You go your way, and the company goes another way!” (by Tim Collins)

“Shhh! I’m working on my resignation letter. How do you spell ‘imbecile’?” (by Charles Vaughan)


A new Contest will be coming up shortly, Captioneers. Thanks for participating, and I hope to see some more of your victories in all of those other Caption Contests that are cropping up all over the place.

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