Dartnell, 1993


  1. “His last appointment made it
    “His last appointment made it to the elevator with only
    a flesh wound!”

  2. “I think he escaped from the
    “I think he escaped from the Trump Administration, he never gives you a straight answer, and he lies like a rug!”

  3. “Well, he’s one of those
    “Well, he’s one of those miserable corporate phonies, who wants you to believe he’s ‘here for you’, and supports employee rights, you’ll see, when he smiles and his lips curl-up over those greenish-brown teeth and he says, ‘my door is always half-way open to you!”

  4. “Try, graveling, begging,
    “Try, graveling, begging, sniveling, and weeping, he likes sniveling the best though!

  5. I appreciate these six

    I appreciate these six captions, Tim, but I now have to repeat what I’ve said so many times before — this is not the Caption Contest! You will recognize the Contest posting when you see the heading “Eli’s Cartoon Caption Contest No. ” etc. 

    This posting is simply an addition to my ongoing archive of published cartoons.The next Contest will probably start next week. Please don’t waste your efforts.


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