Winner of Eli’s Cartoon Caption Contest No. 159

                  “Why do you think your mom liked Spanish Flu better?”

                                                 (by Kelasher)


Good job, Kelasher, this is your 11th win, and it’s been a long time coming . . . but well deserved. Congrats — once again you are definitely one of the funniest people around.


This contest brought out lots of funny captions, and picking a winner proved to be tough. Frankly, I was almost tempted to call it a tie, but Kelasher’s caption was definitely a standout for me. Here are the other submissions that I was seriously considering:

“So, you’re afraid of going to hospitals because you always feel like the doctors are trying to kill you? Intriguing . . . ” (by Rachel)

“First, you need to move your ass to the other end of the couch! (by Charles Vaughan)

“Have you tried NOT killing people?” (by John Platt)

“Yes, I’m sure the president is very, very sorry he made fun of you on Twitter.” (by Jonathan Stein)

“No mask?” (by Eric Bjorklund)

“In your case only . . . ‘Agoraphobia’ is not a bad thing!” (by Kay Ralph)

“So how long have you been having these dreams of being a pandemic?” (by Cary Antebi)

“I’m sorry, your time is up (I wish).” (also by Cary Antebi)

“Before we start, would you please move six feet away from me.” (also by Cary Antebi)

“So . . . you draw the line at being blamed for the ‘toilet paper’ shortage!” (also by Kay Ralph)

“Maybe a new name would help. How about Hugme69?” (by Ronn Roxx)

“I thought I told you to sit at the far end of my couch.” (also by Ronn Roxx)

“You might want to ease up as the common cold is starting to feel really inadequate.” (also by Ronn Roxx)

“Start at the beginning . . . it appears we’re destined to spend the next fourteen days together.” (also by Kay Ralph)

“Did you use the complimentary hand sanitizer in the waiting room on your spores!” (by Tim Collins)

“Yikes, it’s a good thing you’re an INVISIBLE virus.” (also by Cary Antebi)


A new contest will be posted in a few short weeks, so keep a sharp eye out for it . . . and please keep healthy!




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