Winner of Eli’s Cartoon Caption Contest No. 152

                   “It says we’re lucky we have homeowner’s insurance.”

                                               (by Rich Wolf)


My original caption: “My fortune cookie says that this restaurant will not accept our two-for-one coupon.”


This is a seventh big victory for Rich Wolf, and two consecutive ones, since he won Contest No. 151 also. Congrats, Rich, you’re solidly in as one of the funniest people around — but can you keep it up? Only time . . . and maybe a fortune cookie . . . will tell.

What’s with all the captions about mysterious, deadly Chinese food, anyway? I say let’s give them a break! (I also say that I’ve pretty much switched to Japanese sushi restaurants).

Here are the other captions that I was seriously considering for top honors:

“You’re breaking up with me?” (also by Rich Wolf)

“What do you mean . . . yours has the waiter’s phone number?” (by Kay Ralph)

“Looking at the price we’ve just paid for the meal, these must be Cost a Fortune Cookies.” (by ken wilkinson)

“I hate this “Lucky 8 Ball” restaurant. My fortune just says ‘Try again tomorrow.'” (by RonnRoxx)

A new Contest will be coming up in a few short weeks — please keep on the lookout for it.

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