Winner of Eli’s Cartoon Caption Contest No. 151

         “OK, that was the part you’ll forget. Now for the parts you’ll ignore.”

                                           (by Richard Wolf)


My original caption: “You have some kind of fuddy-duddy old fogey’s disease.”


A sixth win for Richard Wolf! Congrats, Richard, once again you have out-captioned everybody else and regained the title of “one of the funniest people around”.

Here are the other captions I was seriously considering:

“The good news is your heart is like a 23 year old, but the bad news is you will probably out live your retirement money.” (by Brendan Gannon)

“Mr. Smith, I have good news and bad news to tell you. The bad news is that you look lousy, the good news is there is nothing wrong with you.” (by Diane)

“Well, I’m going to need a brighter light if you want me to find a hair up there!” (by Jeff Warwick)

“If I had what you have, I wouldn’t worry about a second opinion!” (by Tim Collins)

“Mr. Wright, trust me . . . That examining light, is NOT stimulating Hair Growth!” (by Kay Ralph)

“For an extra $20 I can switch the light to ‘tan’ mode.” (by RonRoxx)


Look for a new contest in just a few short weeks. Thanks for participating!

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