Winner of Eli’s Cartoon Caption Contest No. 138

               “How long have you had Reverend Roberts on speed dial?”

                                               (by Kay Ralph)


My original caption: “Darling, I have an important question to ask you. Could you please hold all phone calls?”


It’s a big first victory for Kay Ralph! Congratulations, Kay, you’ve been submitting loads of captions for a long time now, and one of them finally clicked. You are now officially one of the funniest people around!

A word of advice for the future, Kay. You have to make sure your caption has the correct speaker. In this drawing, it’s obviously the guy speaking — but some of your captions had the girl speaking. As I’ve cautioned before, a gaffe like that would automatically disqualify a caption from consideration.

Here are the other submissions that were in the running:

“Do you really need to ask Siri’s permission?” (by Richard Wolf)

“Darling, will you merge our cell-phone plans?” (by John Platt)

“Did your mother say ‘yes’?” (by Carole)

“Which is more important, my proposal or calling your Mom?” (by Diane)

“And, if you say yes, I’ll even buy you a SmartPhone to replace your flip phone.” (by Gary)

Good work, captioneers. Be on the lookout for the the next contest — it’ll be posted shortly.

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  1. Initially, I perceived the
    Initially, I perceived the man’s open mouth as an expression of shock – to what the woman was saying on the phone. I guess … when I see a woman, holding a receiver, my brain automatically computes, that she is talking – as I do more talking than listening, on the phone! LOL! However, after all the captioneers starting posting, with the man speaking, I looked closer. I was shocked, that I was so unobservant, and quickly, added three more – with the correct speaker. I’ll be more mindful, in the future!
    I am honored that you chose me, as the funniest person! Thank you! I love your work! I didn’t think, I’d ever win, with the stiff competition. A few of the captioneers are amazingly funny!
    I stumbled upon your caption contest, by accident, but it immediately sparked my interest, and I had to join in the fun! I had remembered seeing many of your comics, in the past, because they always gave me a chuckle. PS You might regret that your allow up to fifteen posts, though – because as you’ve witnessed – most of your clever, drawings, trigger many different ideas in my mind! I send them all, because … when you have chosen numerous of my postings as a runner-ups – they were not “ALWAYS” the ideas that I thought, were my best.

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