Winner of Eli’s Cartoon Caption Contest No. 133

                       ‘It says ‘Your break is over, get back to work’.”

                                            (by Rich Wolf)


My original caption: “Say, there’s something written here — good grief, we’ve been fired!”


Congratulations, Rich Wolf! This is your second win (Contest No. 124 was the first), so you are once again one of the funniest people around.

Hmmm . . . very interesting contest. Apparently, there was total confusion as to what my 60-year-old drawing was trying to represent. By my reckoning, there were 14 “worm” captions (impurities in the water showing through the bottom of the cup), 12 “message” captions (something written on the bottom of the cup), 6 “toast” captions (raising the cup to make a toast) and 4 “none of the above” captions. I guess my original intent is obvious, now that you can read my caption from so long ago, and I think Rich Wolf’s winning “message” caption is somewhat better than mine.

Anyway, here are the other entries that almost made it:

“Yep! It’s made in China.” (by Brendan Gannon)

“It says, ‘Consider this your bonus . . . Management’!” (by Tim Collins)

“It says, if you can read this, break time is over, get back to work!” (also by Tim Collins)

“Wow! This new zero calorie vitamin enriched organic sparkling water sure eats through the paper cups faster than the good old fashioned stuff.” (by RonnRoxx)

“Here’s to the water cooler . . . the original social network.” (by Marco)

“It’s our mission statement!” (by Sharon)

“Oh, if this water-cooler fly could only talk, the tales he could tell!” (by Kay Ralph)

Nice work, captioneers! Be on the lookout for the next contest, coming up soon.


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