Day: April 4, 2018

Winner of Eli’s Cartoon Caption Contest No. 132


       “Can’t you see! It’s a perfect match, you’re much smarter than me and                                           I’m much prettier than you.”

                                          (by Brendan Gannon)


My original caption: “Darling, please marry me . . . or, failing that, promote me to Sales Manager.”


Congratulations, Brendan Gannon, this makes a solid second victory for you! You can once again bask in the glory of being one of the funniest people around.

There weren’t too many submissions for this cartoon drawing, which I thought would be an easy one for you captioneers. 

Here are the other captions that “almost made it”:

“Let’s run away together . . . before the Feds get here.” (by Marco)

“Could you please help me up, my knee is locked.” (by Diane)

“Gladys, will you do me the honor of drafting the Murphy proposal?” (by Rich Wolf)

“I know this seems a bit old fashioned, but I just lost my secretary and I was hoping you were available.” (by spencer)

Thanks for participating, and be on the lookout for Contest No. 133 — it’ll be posted in a few weeks.


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