Winner of Eli’s Cartoon Caption Contest No. 131

                             “Don’t you have any smaller toothpicks?”

                                             (by ken wilkinson)


My original caption: “Okay, Walter, I get the message. I’ll start working on our global warming initiative right away.”


And it’s a third big victory for ken wilkinson! Congratulations, ken — once again you can bask in the glory of being one of the funniest people around.

Okay, okay, I know I went for the zany caption this time around — “smaller toothpicks” indeed! But ken’s caption got a big smile from me and I deemed it worthy of top honors. I had a difficult time deciding, though, because there were so many other excellent submissions. Here are the other ones that almost made it:

“I’m not ready . . . try next desk.” (by Harvey Appelbaum)

“Well I’m not ready yet, and you’re Smith from Accounting.” (by Rich Wolf)

“OK fine, I see your point.” (by Matt Groth)

“You have the wrong office, the costume party is next door.” (by Diane)

“Can we take a selfie?” (by Marc Eliot Stein)

“Take my wife, please.” (by Vinny)

“Sorry I don’t care who you are or who it is you work for, nobody sees Mr. Ross without an appointment.” (by bug eye bob)

“Can I write one last email?” (by Sharon)

“This is workplace harassment.” (also by Sharon)

“Is white the new black?” (by Eric Bjorklund)

“Sorry, this is a weapons-free facility.” (by Ant Lapat)

“No, you can’t wear that when you fire an employee.” (by Max West)

The next contest probably won’t start until March 27th (rather than March 20th), because I’ll be away from my computer for a short time. Please look for it then, and thanks for participating.


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