A Word of Clarification about Eli’s Cartoon Caption Contest . . .

I generally start a new contest every three weeks, and it runs for a one-week period. I announce it with a post headed “Eli’s Cartoon Caption Contest No. –“.

In the gap between contests, I continue to add to my archive of my own published cartoons (identified with a heading containing the name of the publication and a date or year), and I also sometimes post other cartoon-related items. So far I’ve archived over 1,500 of my published cartoons.

Lately, several people have been erroneously sending in captions for my archived/published cartoons. I just want to make it clear that the new contest starts only when you see “Eli’s Cartoon Caption Contest No. –” at the top of the posting.

I hate to see anybody wasting his or her caption-writing talent! Thanks again to all of you for participating.


  1. Mr. Stein, Why not run the
    Mr. Stein, Why not run the archived/published cartoons as a contest anyway? Would that be a “good thing” for you, and the “captioneer”? more cartoons with winning captions you could sell? Just asking?

    Seriously, until you clarified that I thought the cartoon you post every week “WAS” the new contest! Otherwise why would there be a “new comment” section? See what I mean? But thanks for letting me know, sorry, I was one of the offenders!

  2. Thanks for writing, Tim, and

    Thanks for writing, Tim, and as I said, you were not the only captioneer (I like that word – is it real, or did you make it up?) to get confused. To answer your question, time-wise I don’t think I could manage a more-frequent contest. And the object of the contest is definitely not to supply me with saleable captions. In fact, in my original introduction to Contest No. 1, I promised that I would never use any submitted contest captions for my own profit — and I have kept that promise.

    The reason that there is a “New Comment” at the bottom of all my postings is that everyone is invited to send in comments on anything I post at any time. If you look at some of the old posts, you will see some of the hundreds of cartoon-related comments I’ve received.

    And last, I’d like to repeat what I’ve often said about the caption contest — it’s supposed to be all in fun and nothing more!

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