Bought and Paid For, But Never Published. National Business Employment Weekly, 1999


There’s really no mystery as to why this cartoon was never published by National Business Employment Weekly. It was bought and paid for in July 1999, just a few months before Dow Jones, the parent company, decided to cease publication. During its lifetime, NBEW published over a hundred of my cartoons. The Editor very kindly returned my original drawing to me.


  1. You can’t get away with just

    You can’t get away with just that one word comment, Pete. First of all, I don’t know you personally, so I can’t read your mind. Second, we all know what an oxymoron is — after all, I served in a Military Intelligence unit in the Army, and that’s often cited as the epitome of oxymorons — but what exactly are you referring to? Is it that a truthful resume is an oxymoron? Please elaborate. Thanks.

  2. Just meant that both gents we
    Just meant that both gents we juxtaposed, opposites in their life paths, not unintelligent.

  3. Eli,…with both their mouths
    Eli,…with both their mouths shut, I was captioning the scene, not having either speak in a balloon or thought bubble. Just an overview. I’ll try harder.

  4. OK, I guess I get what you’re

    OK, I guess I get what you’re doing. I hope you realize this isn’t a Caption Contest drawing — the new contest won’t be appearing until next week.

  5. Thank you for the
    Thank you for the clarification. I am new to your site, and thought this was the new contest. I live in the Montana mountains, in an energized, beautiful ski-resort named Red Lodge. I’am semi-retired. I have been published in prose, had two cartoon panels, (‘Come On Down’ and ‘Medium Strip’), run for several years in west coast business publications back in the day. I won the Orange County Register, (circ. 500,000), cartoon captioning contest over 40 times. I placed second once in The New Yorker cartoon caption contest, and in November of 2012, I won The New Yorker cartoon caption contest. But that’s yesterday’s news. My latest publication is a story in the holiday edition of Magic City Magazine. My story is titled: ‘Walking Fences’. Magic City, has nothing to do with prestidigitation, it is the nickname for Billings Montana. It is a coffee table glossy, well done, and with a broad northern Rockies readership. Holiday edition, online, page 90. I look forward to participating again on your site. Thank you for your note. Pete

  6. Glad to clear it up. I run

    Glad to clear it up. I run the Caption Contest every two weeks or so, and in between contests I build up my archive of published cartoons, of which I have about 1,500 posted so far.

    Congratulations on all your accomplishments — I’m especially impressed by your winning the New Yorker Caption Contest!

  7. Thank you Eli. It may have
    Thank you Eli. It may have been November of 2011. We were living in our Kona home at the time, and I know it was November. My winning caption was: “Are you here for your annual or perennial?”
    OK, I’ll stop bugging you, ‘a Hui Hu’, which in Hawaiian means: until then, until later, until we meet again, etc. If you would like to use it, it is pronounced: ‘Ah-Hooey-Hoe’

  8. No, Joe, and I’m pretty sure

    No, Joe, and I’m pretty sure The New Yorker no longer buys cartoon gags to feed to “staff” cartoonists as they used to do. In fact, as far as I know, there are no such things as staff cartoonists there, only free-lancers.

    I have written previously on my blog/archive about how my old friend, Tom Wesselmann, was persuaded by a former New Yorker Cartoon Editor to sell two of his cartoon gags in that way. They were subsequently drawn by two other New Yorker cartoonists.That’s about all I really know about the matter.

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