Winner of Eli’s Cartoon Caption Contest No. 76

          “Thank you in advance for voting me chairwoman for another year.”

                                                  (by Kelasher)


My original caption: “Our guest speaker just called to say that he’ll be about three hours late.”


Congratulations, Kelasher, you did it again — this is your ninth win! No question about it, you are definitely one of the funniest people around.

Here are the other captions that I was considering for top honors:

“I’ll tell you my first lesson, but first everyone please come up and give me a $20 bill.” (by John Platt)

“Please leave your social security number and a signed blank check on the table as you leave. God bless you.” (by Andrew Bramley)

“I’m not sorry I’m three hours late.” (by Cary Antebi . . . and eerily similar to my original caption)

“Could the person who asked for anonymity on this sensitive issue please raise your hand?” (by Art Perez)

“Don’t miss tomorrow’s topic of “Meshegunah” for those crazy enough to pay $100 for today’s speech. It’s at the bargain-basement price of $200.” (by Gary)


Thanks, folks, for having the chutzpah to compete in these contests. A new one will be up soon.


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