Medical Economics, 2008

Another cartoon that I really thought should have ended up in The New Yorker . . . but it didn’t happen.


  1. 1. “According to your theory
    1. “According to your theory of ‘Survival of the Fittest,” the Twinkies in my fridge should outlast all of us.”

    2. “You know this can never work…I’m due for extinction in a couple of days.”

    3. “I’m here to apply for the parasite job.”

    4. “It took me six month to get up here, and now I dare you to say that again to my face.”

    5. “Okay, so maybe I added a few inches on my Facebook profile

    6. “I got a great insurance policy. It covers EVERYTHING except falling comets, and you know that’s a billion to one chance of happening.”

    7. He’s only taking on identical animals in pairs. Keep your head down and maybe he won’t notice we’re different

    8. “Look Bron, I appreciate you taking me out to dinner so often, but could we just once go to a non-leafy Restaurant?”

    9. “I’m getting nervous. By the time I reached the beach, I had feet. By the time I reached grass land, I had fangs and claws. And today, I woke up with killer hemorrhoids!”

    10. “Look,if you can squeeze yourself and six of your friends into a Smart Car, you got the gig Barnum’s ‘Cave of Oddities.'”

  2. Well done, Cary but this isn

    Well done, Cary, but this isn’t the new contest drawing! You’ll have to hold your enthusiasm for another week or so, when Contest No. 65 will be announced. Thanks.

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