Winner of Eli’s Cartoon Caption Contest No.61

                        “We’re all fired . . . Amazon bought the library.”

                                           (by Andrew Bramley)


My original caption: “No, I can’t possibly talk to you now — I’ve got a Reference call on hold, for God’s sake!”


Congrats, Andrew Bramley — you obviously know what creates panic in librarians these days, and you deserve to be regarded as one of the funniest people around!

I admit that my original caption was rather condescending, but please remember that it was created three or four decades ago, when librarians didn’t have to concern themselves with all the new-fangled technology.

Here are the other captions that made it to the final table, but for various reasons didn’t make it all the way:

“Harriet, they’re removing the book shelves to make room for a Starbucks.” (by Anonymous . . . but I think it’s Cary Antebi)

“So, were you going to be reading that on an iPad, or a Kindle, or an Nook, or a Kobo, or a Galaxy Tab, or a . . . ?” (by robert)

“How many three-year-olds are you bringing to story time?” (by kelasher . . . and I admit this has got to be about 8 or 9 on a librarian “panic scale”)

On a final note, I was puzzling over this last-minute caption by Anonymous (Cary Antebi again???): “911? . . . I just get anyone to shhh!”. I suddenly realized that it would probably have been a winner with a one-word change. If it had been submitted as “911? . . . I can’t get anyone to shhh!”, it would have been a very strong contender.

Don’t despair, folks — a new contest will be up before you know it.


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