Winner of Eli’s Cartoon Caption Contest No. 43

Back in business again. We had a full week of total power loss due to Hurricane Sandy and then additional disruptions of services (electricity, telephones, internet) due to a Nor'easter that also hit our area. Hoping against hope that things are finally returning to normal, I'll now resolve the second-most-fought-over contest in the nation (the first was Obama vs. Romney, of course).

Here's the winner of Contest No. 43:

"It's supposed to be 'let them eat cake', not 'let me eat cake'."

(by Levi Asher)


My original caption: "For starters, I suggest you quit eating all that bread and honey in the parlor!"

Congratulations again, Levi Asher — this is your fourth win, so you are definitely solidifying your title of "one of the funniest people around"!

I immediately loved Levi's early entry, and knew that it would be hard to beat. Here are some of the other captions I was considering, though:

"Sweetheart, I think we might be taking these crowns we got from Burger King too seriously." (by Howard Garrett)

"Do me a favor . . . just turn me back into a frog." (by Cary Antebi)

I also greatly appreciated these two other captions, because they were so "outside the box" and made me laugh:

"Is the rest of the chess set coming so we can start the game?" (by Albee Goungnow)

"I'm glad we're not flying coach." (by salpino)

Thanks for being patient, folks, and thanks for all the great captions. New contest will be up shortly, weather permitting.

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