Winner of Eli’s Cartoon Caption Contest No. 28


“I repeat: Worst IPO ever.” (by John Platt)

My original caption: “Wouldn't you know it — the only one to show up is our corporate gadfly!”

Nice going, John Platt — this is your fifth winning caption, so you are certainly one of the funniest people around.

(By the way, for any of you Stock Market novices, IPO=Initial Public Offering).

I'm amazed that I didn't get a single “Occupy Wall Street” caption. This old drawing of mine just demanded a with-it caption like “I think everyone else is occupying Wall Street”.

And only one Steve Jobs caption? I know, I know, these are supposed to be “gag” cartoons, as opposed to “editorial” or “political” cartoons, but I'm thinking The New Yorker here. Does anybody out there have any doubt at all that TNY will be publishing an “Occupy Wall Street” cartoon in the weeks to come? I'm just wondering what the gag will be and, of course, who will draw it.

Other contest entries that I was considering:

“I told you Christmas Day would not be a good day.” (by Leftie)

“Steve Jobs would have had something to say about our failure to put a dent in the universe.” (by Sharon)

“Who leaked the real date?” (by Melissa)

“I say we take a recount on that vote.” (by Cary Antebi)

Lots of captions entered, but not too many captioners. Was the Stock Market too difficult a topic? I'll try to make the next contest easier — look for it soon. And thanks, everybody, for participating.

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