Winner of Eli’s Cartoon Caption Contest No. 23

Well, I'll be damned! It's a three-way tie!


“No shirt, no shoes, no service.” (by Levi)

“You were promised seven what . . . . . . . . ???????? HAH HAH HO HO HEE HEE HAW HA HA!!!!!!!!” (by Dom Mancino)

“You can complain all you want, the tall guy with the turban and the beard is your new roommate, forever.” (by Richie)

My original caption: “Admit it, Whitmore — you didn't resign from the human race, you were fired!”

I just couldn't make a choice between Levi's nonsensical, but right-on, caption and the two great terrorist captions by Dom and Richie. So congratulations to the three of you. You are no strangers to the winner's circle — each of you has won once before — and you are certainly entitled to be considered three of the funniest people around.

As for my original cartoon (which was drawn many decades ago), I guess all I have to do to bring it up to date is change the name: “Admit it, Bin Laden — you didn't resign from the human race, you were fired!” Nah . . . I think I'll let someone else do that one.

All in all, good captions from everybody. I think you're getting the hang of it. New contest will appear shortly.

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